Thursday, February 16, 2006

Short run tonight

A quick 7km run, up Rosebarn hill and through the university.

I am doing a lot of hills at the moment (almost exclusively) and I wonder if I shouldn't consider having a go at the route.

1) The route is, whilst a bit hilly, is nothing compared to Rosebarn, Stoke hill, Wrefords lane or the route through the university, so I am running an extra 20% on the distances I am getting from the map at the moment and
2) I (hopefully) will find running on the flat both faster and easier than hill running.

We shall see.

Anyway, tonight's run was short and fast. We spotted a runner ahead of us as we were coming past St James' Park and ran him down, so I am a bit bollocked and ready for a beer.

Google map of route

The good news is that I am up to £313.41 with my sponsorship.

On a less pleasant note, my bike is very broken at the moment.

I have put a big dint in my back wheel, it's been trued, but it has a really nasty flat spot. I have got to have a new rear mech, new front ring, new axle (snapped it) and a new nut (which is a lot harder to get for the DeeMax than it would seem).

I've broken the shim on the rear pivot so I need new bearings at least and maybe a new thread cutting, a new seat post, new quick release for the seat, new brake lever (snapped the unit, not the lever) a new front rotor.

Most worryingly I have got a big black mark on the frame where the back tyre has been touching the tube. Obviously it is going beyond five inches of travel.

Unfortunately this means no bike for a bit whilst I wait for an axle and no new spring for the back.

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