Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Shoes?

It's been a typically food and booze heavy Christmas and I've done very little beyond eating, drinking and eating some more.

To be honest I enjoy this and am in a happy rut, but Matt has bought me the very pair of Brooks Adrenalines which I had been looking at and James has come 'round, so I can hardly make a decent excuse.

We run up Stoke hill, intending to turn right at the top, but when we get there we decide on a longer loop and go through Poltimore and back through to town, a loop of 8.24miles by the pedometer (this doesn't take into account hills, so the fact that we start with SToke hill probably knocks it up to nearer nine - when we get a more standard route I will have to drive it to determine the distance more accurately.

Eight and a half miles isn't too shoddy for my eighth run really. I am quite pleased.

Google Map of Route

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