Friday, December 16, 2005

Run 4

James comes 'round, so Matt, James and I are going to run a route I have devised to take in as many parks in a short distance as we can. I'll try and find the way into the footpath as well.


This goes well until we start going uphill, I seem to have an almost endless ability to run on the flat, but the very first hill kills me - stitches are becoming a real problem now. I guess that's what comes of carrying 15.5 stone around?

There were a couple of glitches, the cemetary was locked for the night, which led to us running down a nasty, pothole ridden track in pitch darkness and I still didn't find the way into the footpath.

That said, we went at a reasonable pace, covered nearly four miles and I'm not too knackered.

As always, 14 press-ups and 35 sit ups to finish (Offspring number one's choice of numbers, not mine)

Feeling more like it might be possible now.

Google Map of Route

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