Friday, December 16, 2005

Run 6

Shorter today as Des comes 'round with James. Derron can't run in the end as he has a chest infection, but by the time we leave James has had 4 pints, so we decide not to do the long one again yet.

Matt is still a bit under the weather too .

We run through town, which makes for an interesting experience - James makes foghorn sounds intermittently and on two seperate occassions someone deliberately steps into my path. I'm wearing a Dundee United shirt and end up shouting 'I'm wearing bright orange, you can see me!' in a woman's face (as I pass, I didn't stop to be offensive ) I am very careful not to run into people and cannot understand why someone would deliberately do this.

Apart from James running into a barrier, being shouted at from a car and going the wrong way once, we make the quay in ridiculously good time. It is only when we reach the first hill that I slow.

By Magdalene road I have a stitch from hell and I carry it all the way home. Still, I recover reasonably quickly when I stop and I keep going - it's still not a bad time (good even) but we shouldn't have set off like mad hares.

I don't know why pedestrians make me speed up so much, but I must try and conquer this.

Just over three and half mile, but uphill all the way back.

Next run should be a longer one again - still running in Matt's old trainers, but with insoles (from other old trainers) so I have blisters on both feet again.

Google Map of Route

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